• Freedom Life with you


    I'm waiting in my jail, where there's no light from the sky
    It's cold and dark tonight, and no one is by my sight
    Just close my eyes, and live a night of freedom with you
    I smell your skin, and comes a freedom light from you

    It's hard to tell all that I feel
    in front of this wall betwen us
    My wisdom to leave this place is steel
    And no one can't stop me to wish for us

    I will fight all the foes of this sickness
    if i can live a freedom night with you
    I will Travel against all this darkness
    to be brought by this freedom light from you

    I will break all the closed gates
    for a freedom time with you
    I will sail against the wind
    to get this freedom life with you

     I lay down in my jail and then I fall asleep
    it's cold and dark again, but i can feel your lips

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