• Leave me alone


    I remember, the cloud was crying, the light was sleeping, my soul was bleeding ...


    Now stay away, the beast is wake

    Leaving inside, living outside

    Now goods feelings are only fake

    Here is no "fine" for this ride


    I sit, on my skullthrone

    Waiting to add your bones

    Your tears are hapinness

    Your death - my success


    Leave me alone I'm not your friend

    I bring my desease until the end

    I find some pleasure in your pain

    I'm the nightmare that you can't ban


    I remember, The clowns was crying, the blood was flowing, my brain was dying ...


    I'm my own poison, I lost my reason

    I love my reason, I lost my passion

    I'm just suffering

    My corpse is bleeding


    Leave me alone ...


    I remember, the place was empty, the day was ending, my love was living

    I remember, your eyes was shiny, you smile was pretty, my curse was over

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